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Habitat and the Holiday Season:

The Holiday Season is indeed a time of generosity. Many of us are making our lists and checking them twice, hoping to bring a smile to the faces of those we love. In this time of joy and in this season of giving, we would like to encourage you to put one more gift on your list…the gift of a safe, decent, affordable home. Your gift to Dallas Area Habitat can make an incredible difference to a hard-working family on their journey to homeownership.

You can also make a donation in honor or in memory of someone you love and Dallas Habitat will send a note sharing the news of your gift. This can be the most beautiful gift of all – the selfless act of giving back.

In this busy season, we want to stop and share our gratitude for you – the Habitat community. We also want to say thank you for the work of your hands, and the kindness of your heart, and the joy that you bring to families year-round!

May your season be filled with joy and your holidays be merry and bright!

With gratitude,
The Dallas Habitat Team

How to Donate:

Gifting a donation in place of a physical gift is easy. To place your gift, follow a few short steps:

1. Select the donation amount and input your amount and payment information
2. Find the last section, “Tribute Information”
3. Select “This gift is in honor or support of someone”

4. Enter the name of the person the tribute is for

5. Select “Please notify the following person of my gift”

6. Enter the recipient’s information, the Habitat team will let them know you gave back on their behalf

Your Impact:

The gift of donating is one that goes beyond the physical item. Habitat utilizes every dollar amount to its fullest potential to maximize resources, and as a result, create safe homes and communities for those in need. See how far your dollar can go:


Why giving is better than a physical gift:

It’s easy to get lost in the physicality of gift-giving. However, the most special gifts extend beyond what’s under the tree. The gift of friendship, community and kindness cannot be purchased.

By gifting someone a tribute donation to the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, in place of a physical item, you are sharing an indescribable human treasure beyond the recipient. You are opting to provide security, community, warmth to someone in need. You are spreading kindness on behalf of the ones you love by joining our mission to provide housing and security for those who don’t have it.

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