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From the roof of a building on the outskirts of downtown Dallas, this is the view of the impressive skyline. Reunion Tower is the most recognizable building, but other skyscrapers such as the Bank of America Plaza also add to the cityscape.


We are a group of young professionals that work to support the mission of Habitat for Humanity with a fresh approach to developing strong social networks. Coming from a variety of professions, backgrounds and interests, HYP Dallas members are the next generation of leaders who work to advocate for affordable housing, volunteer to build homes, and raise funds to support Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat Young Professionals supports affiliates’ local service while engaging young professionals as leaders, volunteers, advocates, educators and donors. Habitat Young Professionals connects emerging leaders and socially conscious adults of all ages in the mission of providing decent, affordable housing.

We build friendships, leaders and advocates. Come join us and find out more ways to Get Involved in your community.
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