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Habitat University (HU) volunteers learn every aspect of the construction process and become important leaders of the home builds. HU is a 7 session Training program with no set time to complete and all done on the build site. There is no cost associated with this program.

The prerequisite for proceeding through the Habitat U Program will be the attendance of a 4-Hour Orientation Session.  This HU Session will be offered once per month, 12 X months a year, on the second Saturday of the month. The sessions include roofing, framing, wall shop, trusses, siding, home dedication, and electives such as painting and landscaping.

The minimum requirement is to volunteer at least once a month or 12 times per year.

Trainings are usually offered on Saturdays but there are sometimes opportunities during the week also. The coordinators work with you to be sure you can attend each training. After you complete the training program you will graduate to become a Core volunteer.

You must be 18 years old to participate as an adult. * 16 yr. – 17 yr. must be accompanied by a chaperone over 18 years old.

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