Invest in Your Community

Greatest Need

With your donation directed to "the greatest need," you not only make a clear and powerful statement that everyone deserves an affordable and safe place to live here in Dallas, but you also make that a reality in a very big way. By submitting your gift through our secure online donation system, you help us and the thousands of volunteers involved in building houses ensure families in need have a roof over their head this year. Click here to make a donation right now.

Build a Home

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity offers many different opportunities to support our goal of eliminating substandard housing in Dallas. Becoming a Habitat House Sponsor is an excellent way to engage your organization in the community and make a lasting difference in the lives of deserving families. Please join us in helping to build a brighter future for deserving families and your community. Individuals, corporations and religious organizations that support Habitat’s mission provide the tax-deductible donations of money, land and materials that make the work possible.

Levels of Sponsorships

This level of contribution pays for the materials and labor costs associated with building a home. Full house sponsors build a home from start to finish over 8 build days and provide 20-25 volunteers for each team-building day. Full house sponsors also receive recognition on build site signage, the Dallas Habitat website and in the Framework newsletter, among other things.

Half house sponsors are partnered with other group sponsors to complete a full house sponsorship. Sponsoring groups are provided build days for 20-25 volunteers and as with the Full House Sponsorship, we can work with your volunteers or supply the volunteers as needed. Half house sponsors also receive recognition on build site signage, the Dallas Habitat website and in the Framework newsletter.

Team Build sponsors contribute funding and enjoy one build day for 20-25 volunteers. Up to 25 people can participate in an exciting day of teambuilding while constructing a home. Habitat provides building materials, training, supervision, tools and safety equipment. You’ll enhance your company’s image, build employee morale and teach valuable planning and teamwork skills.

Bring together members of your organization for a memorable day of skills training and team building activities in our state-of-the-art woodshop. Your team will play a vital and tangible role in the construction process-framing the walls of a family’s new home. Working together for a common goal, members will build communication, planning and leadership skills.

Please contact Beverly Stibbens, (214) 678-2300 for more information.

In Honor of/ In Memoriam

Do something special in honor of a loved one to ensure that a deserving partner family will directly benefit from your generosity. 

Matching Gifts

Ever wish you could make your gift dollars go further? You can--through your company's matching gift program. Thousands of companies, small and large, have Matching Gift programs which double or even triple individual, tax-deductible contributions made by their employees. Your employer may be one of them!

The process is simple: ask if your company has a Matching Gift program. If so, obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office or matching gift coordinator, fill it out completely and send it along with your contribution to: Dallas Habitat for Humanity, 2800 N. Hampton Rd., Dallas, TX  75212.  We will complete the form and submit it to your employer.  It's as easy as that!

Your gift and your company's matching contribution will help Dallas Habitat for Humanity reach our goal of eliminating poverty housing. You can help make a difference--one house, one family at a time!

Donate Goods & Materials

The ReStores accept overstocked items, seconds, used, discontinued and salvageable building materials, home improvement items,  and major appliances donated by builders,  contractors, manufacturers and individuals.

Donated materials are used whenever possible in the construction of Dallas Area Habitat homes. The remainder are sold at discounted prices with profits used to fund construction efforts for Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

For donation of Corporate goods and materials please contact Cory Hohweiler at or call (214) 678-2356.

For donation of individual or private residential items please contact Anita Morris at or call (214) 678-2309.

Third Party Fundraising

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity has a history of directly benefiting from third party events in the past and is a great way to get more public interest in your next event. Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is a highly respected organization in Dallas County and has many strong supporters who enjoy participating and supporting Dallas Habitat in various ways. If you are interested in having Dallas Habitat be a beneficiary of your next event, please call Andrea Anderson at (214) 678-2398 or email


Cars for Homes

Donate a car to Dallas Habitat's "Cars for Homes" Program

When you donate a car, truck, boat or RV to Habitat for Humanity's Cars for Homes™ program, you are helping Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity build homes in partnership with families within your community!

Donating a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle is quick and easy, and your car donation may be eligible for tax deduction purposes if you itemize (consult the IRS or your tax advisor for details).

Cars for Homes™ accepts a majority of cars, trucks, boats, RVs and other vehicles with proper title and ownership information, and makes the arrangements to have your vehicle, keys and title picked up for processing.

Net proceeds generated by donated vehicle sales are used by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to build homes in partnership with families in our community.

It's quick and easy to donate. With your help, more low income families can have a decent place to call home, and the hope of a better life.

To donate your vehicle, call 1-877-277-HFHI (4344) or visit


Planned Giving

You can make a lasting difference in your community by making a planned gift to Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.  Planned gifts enable our affiliate to develop bold strategies for the future and take advantage of opportunities to make the greatest impact.  As you plan for your future and reflect on the legacy you will leave behind, consider the following ways you can strengthen Dallas families and communities through a partnership with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

Cash Gift Donations 

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Real Estate

Beneficiary in Will

Life Insurance

Donations through
Charitable Gift


Donations through Charitable Remainder Trusts

Gifts through Charitable Lead trusts, which ultimately return the trust principal to you

Gifts through Charitable Lead trusts, which ultimately pass the trust principal to loved ones

Making Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity the beneficiary of your home while continuing to live there.

Our Development staff will be glad to assist you and answer your questions about giving opportunities and needs of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.  Please consult your attorney or financial professional for the benefits of each gift type.

Contact (214) 678-2300
Melissa Cameron

VP of Development

Director of Development/ Faith Based Partnerships
Beverly Stibbens

Director of Corporate Engagement 
Claire Grant Manager of Foundation Partnerships

Jaycee Greenblatt

Development Associate
Rachel Carey Senior Development Associate

Kawanise Mims Development Associate-Volunteer Coordinator


What your donation means...

$5,000 Insulated Roof And Walls
A family will literally have a roof over their heads

$4,000 Excavations and Footings
This gift ensures a firm foundation for this home

$3,000 Wall Studs
Sturdy walls for a house built through the efforts of many

$2,500 Sheetrock
A place where family photos and children's artwork will soon hang

$1,500 Exterior Siding
The finishing touch to a well-built structure

$1,200 Floor Covering
For racing toy cars and keeping bare feet warm

$1,100 Cabinets
For after school snacks and dinner dishes

$1,000 Appliances
This gift provides hot meals and clean clothes

$600 Landscape
Green grass to cushion cartwheels and somersaults

$500 Interior Paint
Warm colors to brighten rooms

$300 Water Heater
So children can play in a warm bubble bath

$200 Mini-Blinds
For a family's privacy

$100 Window

To open and let the fresh air in

$50 Interior Door
To do homework in the quiet of their own room

$25 Roll of Wall Insulation
To keep out the summer heat and winter cold