Dallas Area Habitat For Humanity

According to the 2012 United States Census, the City of Dallas is one of the top 3 largest cities in Texas and has a population of 1,197,816, with 34.4% of that comprised of persons under the age of 25. Dallas Habitat has decided that it is the perfect time to launch a youth program that will strengthen and empower youth to become leaders in their community.


Our youth program will provide opportunities for youth ages 12 and up to be engaged in volunteer activities. At the root of every activity we will focus on maximizing potentials in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Service

youthhandThree opportunities are available to youth:

  • Neighborhood Cleanups
  • ReStore
  • Work Ready Program

For more information or to sign up for our Youth Programs Newsletter, please email us at youthprograms@dallas-habitat.org