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visionAt Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, we see a Dallas where every neighborhood is proud and we are proud of every neighborhood. To move us closer to this vision, we need to understand how homeownership fits into the picture of the Dallas we want to build.

With a missing middle class and declining rates of homeownership, revitalizing our neighborhoods and increasing access to homeownership is more important than ever in bringing back lost purchasing power, tax base, and associated neighborhood stability.

More than a roof, homeownership is a catalyst for transforming our communities, building financial stability for generations, and priming the neighborhood for economic development. As part of our expanded mission of serving the many—building asset wealth for our families, reducing the influence of poverty, improving the health of our communities, and strengthening our economies—Dallas Habitat is working collaboratively on a vision for new policies and products that will create a better value proposition for builders and potential buyers.

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With homeownership out of reach for many, the middle class has left the urban core. Some call it a gap—we call it unacceptable.

You can help make a difference. Stay connected with us and Build Louder.

Did you know?

Dallas has one of the lowest homeownership rates in the nation.

The average price of a new home in Dallas is more than 2.5 times what a median household income could afford.

Homeownership has been declining in Dallas for more than 50 years.

mapbookDallas Habitat is dedicated to building a strong and vibrant city. In our work, we use data to strategically deploy our limited resources and assess impact. Tracking data is critical to our decision making and our recommended public policy positions. We are excited to share some of our findings in our 2015 Dallas Habitat Map Book and invite you to learn more at buildlouderdallas.org




2016 Map Book
View the new 2016 Dallas Map Book.