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When Laquita Royal’s persistence was met with continued obstacles, she came to Dallas Habitat to help her realize her dream of homeownership. In 2011, Dallas Habitat Homeowner Services came alongside Laquita to navigate through an otherwise challenging and complicated process.

For four years, with the guidance and expertise of the Dallas Habitat Homeowner Services team, Laquita dedicated herself to the process in preparation for homeownership. Despite the difficulties, Laquita shares, “I have definitely been empowered through the program and transformed with a hope for a brighter future.”

Just before Dallas Habitat, Laquita was forced to move to Houston to care for her sick father. When she returned, she was left with only a friend’s loveseat as her resting place. Having no place to call her own—a place to find refuge, build memories, or know the stability and comfort of home—is an “eye opening and humbling experience” says Laquita.

laquita2Always having dreamt of a decent place to call her own, Laquita has finally found stability with Dallas Habitat as she recently moved into her home in West Dallas.

Royal has put in sweat equity hours on seven Habitat homes other than her own. She desires to see her entire neighborhood transformed lot by lot. “The more engaged we are as a community, the greater the transformation,” she said.

Build a Better Dallas

  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL highlighted Dallas Habitat’s low foreclosure rate and concluded that large mortgage banks “could learn from Habitat’s business model.”
  • Dallas Habitat has invested over $150 million across 25 communities in Dallas County.
  • Dallas Habitat homeowners pay about $2 million in property taxes in Dallas County each year.
  • SMU Cox School of Business 2010 economic impact study found that each dollar invested by Dallas Habitat generates $3.18 of local economic activity.
  • Dallas Habitat homes are built to LEED standards. An EPA study found that Habitat homes save approximately 1 ton of CO2 air pollution per year, per home (based on energy consumption of up to 22% below code).
  • Dallas Habitat engages community members. Volunteers contribute over 90,000 volunteer hours annually.
  • Our A Brush With Kindness Program repairs owner-occupied homes of low-income residents living in our communities. The typical homeowner earns $1,063 per month (24% AMI).
  • In Dallas Habitat communities, crime drops an average of 39%. Children of homeowners are 20% more likely to graduate from high school and 116% more likely to graduate from college.
    *This statistic is based on 6 neighborhoods where Dallas Habitat was actively building from 2005-2011.

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